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Discover Dirsekbuku Bay

One of Turkey’s most stunning bays is Dirsekbuku. Undoubtedly, those who visit this bay find calm there. Sea is crystal clear. Hisaronu Bay serves as the gulet charter gateway to the Mediterranean. This lovely area is situated on the border where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean, and travelers can explore it by setting off from the Bodrum region of the Aegean or the Antalya or Fethiye districts of the Mediterranean.

Things to know about Dirsekbuku Bay

A protected bay called Dirsekbuku is situated southwest of Hisaronu Bay. It is practically the most protected settlement in the area, regardless of the weather. Turkey blue cruise destinations whole bottom is made of sand. Boats commonly travel there because of the sea’s cleanliness and protected location. With its clear and chilly sea, Dirsekbuku (Agil-Gerence) is a real blue cruise stop that is frequented by all boaters. If preferred, it can be anchored at a desolate bay point or tied in front of the restaurant at the end of the harbor.

Sea at Dirsekbuku Bay

Sea at Dirsekbuku Bay

Boats carrying fishermen and locals who bake bread frequently stop here. This location is both safe and lovely. At the further end of the bay, there is a building. In front of the property is a dock. This dock’s south side has collapsed and is now underwater. By using a vault, 14 yachts can dock on the opposite side. Again, the building is close to the waterfront and features vaults. Given the downpours and the constrained space, it would be advantageous to sit from the ground once more, particularly if the vaults on the south side will be utilised. Near a stone bakery on the waterfront is the restaurant with a view of the bay. The atmosphere is flawless.

The Hisaronu blue cruise coastal route is predicted to gain popularity among new people in the upcoming years based on the most recent voyages completed this year. For peace and quiet and to avoid the exhausting boat swarm at Gocek, boat charter travelers utilize Hisaronu as a transit zone.

Hisaronu, though, continues to be comparatively tranquil and calm. One of Turkey’s deepest fjords is thought to be at Hisaronu Bay, where the coastal town of Bencik is situated. Due to its vast open bay, Dirsekbuku is chosen by boat rental businesses traveling in the south of Turkey as the best shelter in the event of a storm while anchored in Hisaronu bay. They rented 60-70 boats in Dirsekbuku, where 5-10 boats were anchored in the past, and turned this place into a resting place during their holidays.

Dirsekbuku Bay

Dirsekbuku Bay

The best location to anchor and spend the night is Dirsekbuku. An environment that retains your energy even though it doesn’t renew it. The tranquility, quiet, stunning environment, and pure waterways are alluring.

One of the must-see locations if you’re taking a Mediterranean-style boat charter is the well-known Hisaronu Bay, and therefore Dirsekbuku. With the rich fleet of Mirya Yachting, you can plan your blue voyage with the best price guarantee, specify the bays you want to see and create the route of your cruise. Early booking period for 2023 have started!

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