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Last Minute Gulet Charter Deals

It is very possible to find attractive discounts in the Turkey yacht charter market. Turkey is a country with much higher price advantages compared to countries such as Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Croatia.

The main reason for this is that there are yacht building shipyards in Turkey and hundreds of new boats are built every year. The majority of these yachts go on blue cruise tours as part of commercial activities, which offers attractive discounts on current rental prices.

Last minute discounts are prices that occur before 1-2 weeks of the tour date, unlike early booking periods. If the boat is empty, the owner wants to reduce the prices even more so that he/she does have a tour in last minute. When you consider the expenses on the yachts, a tour that can be taken for monthly crew salaries, fixed expenses, electricity and water costs will be good. For this reason, every boat wants to take a tour all weeks in charter period.

Gulet for rent Turkey are held between April and November. During these periods, departure and return days for all boats are usually Saturdays. For this reason, everyone uses the first choice for boat rental in June, July, August and September. In the remaining months, attractive discount conditions are created and prices.

Not all boats do early reservation or last minute discounts. This may be due to different reasons, but according to the general market conditions, it is possible to get last minute discounts if the boat has not taken the tour 1-2 weeks before the tour date. There is another issue, if you want to rent boats in the classifications you want at very attractive prices at the last minute, you can rent an no named boat.

How does this work?

In order to gulet for rent Turkey a no named boat, you must contact by your agency within the early reservation period. You promise your agency that you will rent a boat. In addition, when you make a small prepayment, your agent will be convinced that you will rent a boat from them.

This payment is then deducted from the tour price. Your agency will search for attractively priced boats for you until the holiday date you want. You can find and rent the most affordable boat for you until 1 week before your vacation. Since you do not know the name of the boat until the last minute, you can rent a boat nonamed.

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All itineraries run from Saturday to Saturday. If you require to begin or end your holiday on a different day, please let us know. However please note that it may not be possible especially during peak season (June, July, August, September), and also depends on the booking schedule of the boat.
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Food and drinks are extra on top of the gulet/yacht rental price. Sometimes the menu can be quoted inclusive to the charter price.Yacht charters less than 5 days may not be possible during high season months from mid June - mid September due to booking schedules.Daily charters may be possible for motor yachts/boats only, based on availability.
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