Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the information shown below, if you require any further details, please get in touch with a tour coordinator.

What the charter cost includes?

Entry and exit procedures in Turkish waters, port taxes, port fees (apart from private marinas), fresh water, bed linen, 3–4 hours of daily sailing, use of air conditioning on air-conditioned yachts (use time may vary depending on boat), crew, and yacht insurance.

What does the charter fee not include?

The meals, soft drinks, drinking water, alcoholic beverages, airport transfers, and land tours. Harbor taxes and mooring fees in Greek waters. Your own personal travel and cancellation insurance is not covered by insurance.

What are the yacht’s embarkation and disembarkation times?

Every tour has a 17:00 boarding time. After breakfast on the final day, disembarkation time is at 10:00. The boat then begins preparing for our new passengers.

Can we bring outside beverages aboard the yacht?

Drinks from outside can be brought onto the yacht. Our team will provide service for it.

Can we depart or arrive at multiple ports during our blue voyage?

It is conceivable provided that you pay the price difference that may apply. The distance between the blue voyage’s start and end ports affects the price variation.

Were the Greek Islands accessible?

If there are no overarching legal restrictions or obstacles, we can create tour plans for you that include any of the Greek Islands. The cost does not include port fees or the requirements for entering or leaving the Greek Islands.

Can we bring our infant and kids on the blue journey on the yacht?

For a private charter, you may also bring a baby or young children. But the charterer is responsible for them.

Can our pets travel on the boat with us on the blue voyage?

According to the regulations, pets are completely prohibited on the boats. However, it might only be feasible with the captain and boat owner’s specific consent.

Do we need to carry a snorkel, goggles, and flippers?

Despite the fact that we have them on our boats, we advise you to carry your own unique snorkel and goggles.

Do we need to tip, and if so, how much?

Typically, the captain receives tips to distribute among the crew. The gratuity might range from 5% to 10% of the cost of the charter. It is entirely up to you and dependent on.

What do we need to bring?

High-protection sunscreen, a helmet, lip balm with UV protection, a sun towel (available on most boats), etc. You should only bring sports shoes or walking shoes that you will wear on land tours since shoes are not permitted on board; you may also bring shoes for night outs. You should pack clothing that can withstand alterations in daytime and nighttime temperatures. We advise you to carry your necessary medications with you if you have an allergy to pollen, bee stings, or fly bites.

Can your chef prepare meals for particular diets?

The menu is subject to change upon your request. If you give enough notice, special meals can be produced and cooked according to your specifications.

Is smoking allowed on board?

For reasons of health and safety, smoking is not permitted in the saloon or the cabins. By taking boat safety into consideration, smoking is permitted on the deck.

What do we need to know about seasickness?

You ought to take into account your prior encounters with it. Being seasick is uncommon, though. Our yachts and gulets are incredibly roomy and cozy. Except in severe weather, they seldom tremble while cruising. The light tour itineraries we may suggest, our crew’s attention to detail, and the planning of the voyage in accordance with the weather conditions can all help if you have a problem with motion sickness.

Prior to the blue journey, should we have insurance?

Our yachts are all protected by insurance for third parties. You can get personal accident, health, and travel insurance if you so choose.

How protected will the gulet or yacht be against Corona or Covid-19?

We limit our crew members’ social contact with our visitors in order to keep them safe by vetting their medical histories and making sure they remain on the gulet / yacht. Every day as a preventive measure, the crew’s temperature is checked.

After the guests depart, our gulets and yachts are cleaned and sanitized. Every day, our staff spends hours cleaning in order to give our visitors access to a spotless boat. Every aspect of the yacht, including the areas used by the staff and guests, is well cleaned.

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