Hiking Cruise in Turkey

The wonderful outdoors can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Hiking cruise Turkey is one of the most popular pastimes for travelers.

Turkey has several hilltops and mountains that are covered in lush greenery and overlook the splendor and beauty of mother nature. However, the landscape offers expansive views of the Mediterranean as well. Our luxury gulet cruises and professionally led hiking excursions are coupled to give you a dual perspective of Turkey’s natural playground.

All arranged guided hiking excursions and gulet sailing excursions are for private groups. We don’t provide them along with gulet cabin charters because we believe that this kind of vacation is best enjoyed with your own party, whether it is with family or friends.

Hiking Cruise in Turkey

Hiking Cruise in Turkey

You can enjoy the flexibility of a gulet cruise schedule along with well-established hiking routes that have been planned by experts who are familiar with the area. You have the time during our hiking and gulet vacations. Therefore, you are free to choose how long you want to spend in a given anchorage or resting location.

We do create itineraries for both excursions, but you can change them as you go.

The area around Marmaris is our primary and most beloved domain. Not only will you find the breathtaking sea and land vistas mentioned above here. The paths can be routed according on your fitness level, from easy, slow-moving trails to those that need a lot of effort.

You might even choose to combine your hiking gulet cruise vacations with bird watching.

Get in touch Mirya Yachting to talk about this unique combination of gulet cruises and hiking expeditions along the Carian coast and your ideal vacation in Turkey.