Cruise in Turkey

For regular LGBTQ group activities, Turkey’s tourist potential is not very high. Even though we occasionally plan lgbt-only boat cruises, it has proven challenging to coordinate them with the majority of our clients’ vacation times. It will be simple for us to put together specialized cruise packages if you are a group of Lgbtq people or you believe you can gather some other people.

We have direct relationships with numerous lgbt-friendly yachts owners and operators throughout Turkey’s cruise zones thanks to our more than ten years of experience in the industry. Following receipt of your requirements, we will make the finest recommendations that could quickly meet your needs.

LGBT Cruise in Turkey

Who wouldn’t want the chance to spend a vacation in Turkey’s boundless waters, a stunning nation where history and nature have combined to create a symbol of peace and harmony? We make every effort to give you a trip that does just that.

You may explore the stunning, crystal clear waterways and experience complete freedom on the wide seas with the help of our private yacht cruise services offered across Turkey.

Who knows what the wide, limitless sea has in store for you? Perhaps you will come upon unseen natural splendors, perhaps it’ll be an authentic experience!

The LGBT yacht holiday service from Mirya Yachting offers you the best of the best along with an accepting and humorous crew.

Making a blue cruise in Turkey makes sense for a variety of reasons. Everyone wants to feel safe when traveling, and Turkey is a particularly safe place for gays.

Although it is widely believed that Turkey has a bad reputation in this area, this is not the case. In cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum, Marmaris, and Gocek, gay people can live comfortably and enjoy their free time.

Practically, guests want to take the blue voyage with small, exclusive groups of their friends and family. This tour, which gay families and groups of friends really prefer, is conducted on the waters of the most gay-friendly cities, with the most exquisite gulets and the greatest service.

You have every right to enjoy yourself on the beach or bars while on your blue cruise gulet vacation😊

The Following Cities Have The Most Well-Liked Gay-Friendly Places


Most LGBT friendly places in Istanbul are located on the European side.





Most LGBT friendly places in Bodrum are located in the city center or around Gumbet.





Almost all bars in Marmaris are gay friendly, and there are many bars in the beach area of ​​the Siteler (part of Marmaris).



Top 3 Most Popular LGBT Cruise Friendly Gulets In Turkey

All of these gulets have been in our operation as Mirya Yachting for years, and we have hosted Gay-Lesbian groups many times in each of them.

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra

34 m  & 8 Cabin Gulet
Starting Price: €3.750 / Day

Prenses Esila

32 m & 6 Cabin Gulet
Starting Price: €2.500 / Day

Prenses Bugce

32 m & 6 Cabin Gulet
Starting Price: €2.500 / Day

As Mirya Yachting, we are very happy and honored to serve you. Please contact us for a holiday like your dreams.

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