Agency Cooperation

As Mirya Yachting, we offer yacht charter holiday services on the unique shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean. We help travelers arrange their yacht vacation with the help of qualified captains and their carefully chosen crew thanks to our skilled and experienced team, which includes marketing and social media professionals.

Mirya Yachting is constantly growing its network of international travel and yacht charter professionals that might be interested in collaborating. Our extensive travel options include the Dodecanese Islands in Greece and Southern Turkey’s island chains.

Our private boat holidays are well-planned and can accommodate a range of client budgets and styles, from corporate meetings and incentive yacht charters to weddings, anniversaries, and land trips (cycling and hiking, etc.). We are experts in gulets, Turkish wooden boats. Turkey is the only country in the world where gulets are made. Our coastal shipyards are open during the summer. The market for gulets, which is heavily exported, is expanding. We would be delighted to hear from your business if you were interested in collaborating with us!