Bodrum Gulet Charter

This page contains information about places to visit, boats, clubs and restaurants in Bodrum gulet charter destination. Renowned around the world A significant portion of the Southern coastal marine heritage, extending back hundreds of years, is located in Bodrum, the city that rarely sleeps. All throughout the year, it is a location that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Bodrum is very distinct from other harbors around Southern Turkey, where more tourists come from one, two, or even three different nations. There are visitors from all over the world. Bodrum, according to some, is Istanbul in Southern Turkey on a smaller scale. It has everything: authentic and diverse cuisine, art, culture, and history.

The Bodrum harbor is a vibrant and active location. The streets are shaded and dotted with a variety of stores selling both essentials and gifts. Restaurants and cafes may be found all along the shoreline, starting at one end. Have a seat, unwind, and relieve your feet of the burden in any facility, municipal or privately owned. It’s a relaxing time to just sit and look out at the lovely harbor as numerous exquisite Turkish wooden gulets enter and exit the harbor.


Popular Itineraries Starting from Bodrum


Bodrum-Marmaris (One Way)

Gokova Gulf

Bodrum-Gulf of Gokova- Bodrum

Hisaronu Gulf

Bodrum-Gulf of Hisaronu- Bodrum


Bodrum-Gocek (One Way)

Sights and Scenes

The well-known St. Peter’s Castle and Museum of Underwater Archaeology are also located in Bodrum. These two locations are near the harbor or are right where you would typically embark your gulet.

Bodrum City is 35 minutes by car from Milas Airport.

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is located at the base of the St. Peter’s Castle. Concerts are hosted at the Bodrum castle. Craft and souvenir stands are located at the Bodrum bay in front of the castle. It is clear that there is a lot to see and do before you depart for your gulet charter trip from Bodrum harbor.

Popular Restaurants & Bars

  • El Vino Restaurant
  • Bistro Marina Neyzar Restaurant
  • Bodrum Müdavim Restaurant
  • Sapphire Night Clup
  • Posh Clup
Our Fleet

Popular Bodrum Gulet Charter Options

Dea Del Mare

5 Cabin Gulet


4 Cabin Gulet

Love Boat

16 Cabin Gulet


5 Cabin Gulet

Golden Glory

6 Cabin Gulet

Bodrum Queen

6 Cabin Gulet