Blue Cruise in Turkey

Blue cruise in Turkey | Quick Tips for Turkish Blue Cruises – The term “blue cruise” generally refers to a maritime vacation along Turkey’s southwestern and Mediterranean coasts, particularly between Bodrum, Fethiye, and Antalya. There are routes that offer a holiday experience out of a dream and have a ton of sites to explore because of Turkey’s stunning geography and the mixing of its historical culture.

Blue cruise storied vacation choice was created with the Halicarnassus Fisherman who fell in love with Bodrum’s blue and first intended to explore Bodrum and the nearby shores. Cruises are now referred to as vacations. People from all walks of life now take use of this alternative holiday service to enjoy the blue and spend their vacations away from the eyes in accordance with their own plans, from Bodrum to Fethiye or Antalya.

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Where to Visit Blue Cruise in Turkey Routes

Throughout your vacation, you can explore many bays in the stunning Mediterranean and Aegean. You can visit two to three different coves each day, depending on the boat’s starting and finishing ports. Places like Bozburun, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bencik Bay, Knidos, and Datca on the Hisaronu bay are some of the most well-known stops on cruises from Marmaris or Bodrum.

You can also join an active excursion to Gocek or Fethiye to see the 12 islands of Kas, Kalkan, Kekova, Oludeniz, and Gocek. Tours from Marmaris or Gocek can be taken to locations that allow for active visits, like Dalyan, Ekincik, and Caunos.

The tourists will feel comfortable because they will have a short sailing period and the launching ports of the boats are close to the locations to visit. Long travels might occasionally make first-time passengers on a Turkey gulet charter uneasy. This is the reason why everyone can desire a brief cruise.

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About Blue Cruise in Turkey Prices

Your chosen location is where the Turkey blue cruise voyage begins; practically all gulets are rented on a weekly basis. Check out the many travel possibilities near base port depending on where you intend to set off from. Every boat holiday includes a crew, and depending on your demands, more crew may be requested.

Turkey blue voyages can be rented from popular ports for a moving average of 7 nights or shorter / longer term gulet rentals. Generally, guests rent a gulet for a period of 1 week, but we also receive requests for short gulet cruises of 3 nights and 4 nights. We also receive requests for boats of 2 weeks or longer. Depending on the availability of the boats, you can rent a boat for the duration desired by the guests.

These boats are produced in shipyards around Turkey’s coast. The most popular tourist destinations in Southern Turkey are these villages and bays, which annually draw thousands of local and foreign visitors.

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Reasons for Price Increases in Blue Cruise Boats

The cost of blue cruising yachts varies depending on the particular boat. According to the standard features, size, number of crew cabins, class, and category of the boat, there are several price ranges. On our website, you may get gulet boats at various pricing points. The blue cruise in Turkey boats differ depending on the first years of this holiday concept. Today’s trend is that guests prefer air conditioning in their cabins and want long working hours, so they generally prefer air conditioning until the morning.


In addition, their preference for more comfortable cabins and the maximum level of water sports on the gulet are among the most sought-after features. As the features of the boats increase, the rental prices also increase. In recent years, these price increases are not only related to boat features but also to gulet operating costs. Extra reasons such as fuel costs, personnel costs, increases in shipyard fees increase boat rental fees almost every year.

Gulets with an average daily cost of between 500 – 20,000 euros may be available for charter. Generally speaking, prices do not cover crew tips, private marina fees, food, or beverages. Contact one of our yacht charter agents for additional information on this topic.

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