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Why should Turkish gulets be preferred ?

This summer, join us on Turkish yachts!

There are many reasons to choose Turkish gulets, producing gulets is a tradition in Turkey and they do it really well. The time is here, so do yourself a favor and join the team this summer. How, as we hear you ask? It is incredibly easy. The timing of this year is ideal for a Turkish gulet charter. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reserve your next voyage on a Turkish gulet and begin a brand-new gulet charter adventure. Don’t be late!

Turkish Gulet Gumus 1

Turkish Gulet Gumus 1

After a long winter of arduous effort, consider the fact that you deserve nothing less than the best. Long workdays, nonstop meetings, etc. It appears that the prize is a merited reward for all of the work made. Preferences may change over time. Some of us prefer to have our feet on the ground at all times.

However, some people are constantly curious about new things and the standard of private services. For both sorts, we will have something to say.

Why riding in a gulet is such a wonderful experience? Why does it differ so much from a large cruise liner, motor yacht, or sailing vessel?



You will immediately notice the difference once you are on a gulet. The wooden queen of the seas will greet you as soon as you board the gulet with a friendly smile.

The central thesis is that gulets are an artificial, human-made work of art. Never will you come across two identical gulets. Each one is distinctive. Even if you are far from land while traveling at sea, the fact that they are made of wood gives you the impression that you have a connection with nature right away. In the interim, it is soothing and revitalizing. Gulets are a very impressive-looking mode of transportation. You’ll feel familiar once you board because you have previous experience. Each person connects with their particular component. You don’t have to force yourself; it just happens. This is how gulets operate.

Explore the most well-known bays with Turkish gulets!

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Gulet

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Gulet

Why don’t gulets sail more commonly? The majority of gulets are motorized, but only some of them can sail proficiently. With regard to technical specifications, they stand out. Please keep in mind that sailing on a gulet differs from sailing on a typical sailing boat. Gulets’ bodies weigh far more than a sailing boat, and this is one of the main obstacles to their ability to move quickly. There is much more to enjoy while traveling on a gulet blue cruise if you do not continue to sail.

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