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A boutique gulet charter refers to a personalized and often upscale sailing experience on a traditional Turkish wooden sailing vessel known as a “gulet.” Gulets are typically two or three-masted sailing ships that originated in Turkey and were traditionally used for fishing and transportation along the Turkish coast. Over time, many gulets have been converted into comfortable and stylish vessels for cruising, offering a unique way to explore the coastal beauty of Turkey and neighboring regions.

We have listed some of the basic features of boutique gulet charter for you:

Boutique gulet charters are known for providing an intimate and exclusive experience. The number of passengers on board is usually limited, allowing for a more personalized and private atmosphere.

Unlike standard gulets, boutique charters often feature high-end and well-appointed cabins. The cabins may be more spacious, equipped with modern amenities, and decorated with attention to detail.

Boutique gulet charters often prioritize gourmet cuisine. Experienced chefs on board prepare delicious meals using fresh, local ingredients. The dining experience is typically tailored to the preferences of the guests.

blu dream gulet 8One of the key aspects of a boutique gulet charter is the flexibility in creating customized itineraries. Guests can work with the crew to plan specific routes, visit particular destinations, and engage in activities that align with their preferences.

The crew on boutique gulet charters is usually highly trained and focused on providing excellent service. This includes not only the captain and sailors but also chefs, hosts, and other staff members who ensure the comfort and satisfaction of the guests.

Some boutique gulets are equipped with additional recreational facilities, such as water toys (kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling gear), Jacuzzis, and entertainment systems. These amenities enhance the overall experience on board.

Some boutique gulet charters offer themed cruises, such as culinary cruises, wellness retreats, or archaeological tours. These themes add a unique dimension to the sailing experience.

A boutique gulet charter is designed to provide a more refined and customized sailing experience for travelers who seek a combination of luxury, comfort, and the charm of exploring coastal regions on a traditional sailing vessel.

It’s an ideal option for those who want a tailor-made and exclusive journey along the beautiful waters of destinations like the Turkish coast. We invite you to make your blue cruise plan completely with the experienced team of Mirya Yachting and relieve the stress of the year.

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