5 th Tyba Yacht Charter Show, Turkey

5 th TYBA Yach Charter Show

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The '5th Tyba Yacht Charter Show', hosted by the Göcek D Marin Hotel from May 4 to 7, brought together Yacht Tourism Professionals on a…

The Ultimate Guide to Gulet Cabin Charters: All You Need to Know

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Do you dream of a holiday on the sea? You no longer need large groups for this; if it's just the two of you wanting…

Most Preferred Bodrum Itinerary In 2024

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We choose the most preferred Bodrum itinerary in 2024 based on the feedback of our guests !  Bodrum has recently emerged as one of the…
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12 Tips Health Benefits of Water Sports on Blue Cruising

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Enjoying water sports on a blue cruising in Turkey can add an extra layer of excitement and adventure to your cruising experience. Many wooden boats…
Prenses Bugce Gulet

The top 5 Reasons to Book Prenses Bugce

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Blue cruises with the Prenses Bugce gulet are another option, but when the luxury gulet charter topic comes up, many questions come. Princess Bugce responds…

Discover Rich History of Marmaris Castle

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Situated in Mugla's Marmaris district, Marmaris Castle is a highly significant historical and tourism destination in the area. Situated on a peninsula, the castle commands…

Key Features of Taksim Square

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Taksim Square is a vibrant and iconic public square situated in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. It holds historical, cultural, and political significance and is…

Top 5 Blue Cruise Destinations must visit in Turkey

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Choosing the top blue cruise destinations in Turkey can be subjective, as it depends on personal preferences and interests. However, here are five stunning destinations…
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What Is A Boutique Gulet Charter?

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A boutique gulet charter refers to a personalized and often upscale sailing experience on a traditional Turkish wooden sailing vessel known as a "gulet." Gulets…

Why you should choose Blue Cruise in Turkey

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Choosing blue cruise in Turkey can be a fantastic decision for several reasons: Turkey boasts a breathtaking coastline along the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The…

Best Alternatives to Do on a Gulet Holiday in Turkey

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When Gulet holiday in Turkey, you have the opportunity to explore the stunning coastline, visit historical sites, enjoy delicious cuisine, and experience the rich culture…

When Do the Early Booking Discounts for Gulet Charter Applied?

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The timing of early booking discounts for Gulet charters can vary depending on the charter company and the specific terms and conditions they offer. However,…