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Meals before your arrival on the boat are one of the preparations done when you decide to take a Turkish gulet cruise. For food, you have a few options to think about.

Choosing a meal is simpler than trying to calculate how much of what you will need for a one-week blue cruise vacation. It is extremely simple to order these products based on the number of passengers on board because yacht agents and boat crew have done this countless times.

Additionally, all the chefs or cooks have experience preparing food on a Turkish gulet cruise. Your gulet meal will be comprised of Turkish, Aegean, and/or Mediterranean foods.


Dishes from Turkish gulet Cruise

Please be aware that some gulets may have their own menus and rates. This information may vary from boat to boat and is only provided for general understanding.

Please ask your gulet expert about the boat you are interested in when you have questions regarding meals. They may already have provided this information when offering you a list of suggestions.

There is greater diversity on certain menus than others, and there are differences in how frequently you are served fish, beef, and chicken.

Since not all children eat fish, the menus can also be modified for the little ones, who typically favor fast-food items like pizza and spaghetti. Menu items include grilled or barbecued meats, seafood, and fowl.

A wide variety of vegetable casseroles, fresh fruit plates, and fresh Turkish garden green salads are also available. On some gulets, the chef, captain, or owner will also provide a few unexpected treats. The price increases with the amount of seafood like fish or lobster. You will find octopus salad rather than a Turkish garden green salad. There are assorted options for appetizers as well. Additionally, you can shop independently for your Turkish gulet charter.

Diva Deniz Dinner Table

Diva Deniz Dinner Table

In that scenario, the agent offers you a list, and you decide which goods you want to buy and how much of them, along with other supplies you will need during your vacation, taking the crew into account as well (for the foods only; excludes drinks and alcohol).

We highly recommend you to try Turkish Coffee, especially after breakfast 🙂

The payment is done along with your first yacht payment, and the crew equips the vessel before your arrival so that everything is ready for you when you get there.

The only thing that is not on any of these menus are drinks, whether they be alcoholic or soft drinks. You will need to construct a list or choose from another one for that.

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