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Mirya Yachting Fam Trip on Queen of Rtt Gulet

We met lovely individuals at the event that we, Mirya Yachting, arranged. From October 21 to October 28, we went on a one-week blue cruise on the Queen of RTT gulet with brokers. Primarily, we would want to express our gratitude to the Queen of RTT gulet’s owners, the crew, the brokers, and our physiotherapist and her assistant. During the event, I wrote about a lot of things, including the land excursions, the cuisine we had, and the bays we visited.

Please check out my 1-week blue cruise experience with our Agency guests on our Queen of Rtt gulet 😊

(October 21) First Day Saturday, we stayed overnight in Fethiye Port, where we had 5 o’clock tea and dinner (Dinner was fish in salt, shrimp in butter, calamari, octopus with sauce, salads, and appetizers) and we chatted and got to know each other. Our therapist offered manual therapy to all our guests throughout the week. determined the order for.

Mirya Yachting & Queen of Rtt Fam Trip (October 22) 2nd Day: Sunday, 1-hour cruise very early in the morning. We arrived at Binlik Bay. During the cruise, our physiotherapist did a 1-hour morning exercise with the group. We started the day vigorously. We had a Traditional Turkish Serpme breakfast here, then we swam, then we moved to Dısgöbün bay, this bay was incredible, the turquoise water and the temperature of the water were absolutely perfect. Our physiotherapist Ms. Gözde applied manual therapy to 2 guests, and they were extremely satisfied. We took a swimming break and had lunch there.

Cinevision on board!

Lunch content: (Spinach and cheese pastry, green beans with olive oil, chicken salad, Chicken wings with sauce, sesame potato balls) then we swam again and did water sports. There were cakes, fruit platters and salami varieties for the 5 o’clock tea. We chatted and then rested. After dinner with various presentations by the Chef, we watched a movie with cinevision on Flybridge. Watching a movie outdoors against the Paranomic View is incredible.

(October 23) Monday, 3rd Day: We came from Göcek to Bozburun Kızılada Bay with a 6-hour cruise in the first light of the morning. While we were sailing, our physiotherapist made the group do morning exercises. The bay we came to was really a small island with red sands, as its name suggests, there were a lot of mountain goats around the edges of the island. you can see. Sprinkle Turkish After breakfast, we used water sports to swim and take photos. Our physiotherapist performed manual therapy for our other 2 guests. Lunch was ready at that time. The content of the lunch was (Tomato soup with cheddar, Lasagne, seasonal salad varieties, red kidney beans with olive oil). Then we came to the port to visit Bozburun, where our guests’ bought souvenirs and introduced Bozburun in general. It is a very interesting place because boats are produced here. When we returned to the boat, after 5 o’clock tea, we had a sunset party with the DJ Okan who joined us. It was incredibly fun. We ended the day with dinner after the party.

Chef's Big Fish show at Dinner (October 24) Tuesday, 4th Day. We ate a wonderful breakfast prepared by the chef in Kizilada Bay. After swimming for a while, we came to Oglanboguldu Bay. The water was the most turquoise I have ever seen. It was incredibly clean and beautiful. Lunch included (butter, pasta with sauce and cheese, tuna salad, on an eggplant bed. After eating with minced meat sauce, we chatted, we did sports and had fun by using water sports (Canoes, Stand Up Paddle Board, Jet ski, Seabob, Single-person pedal boat) around the boat. After having a snack at 5 o’clock, we were all very tired and rested. Then, due to the light wind, we watched Cinevision at the stern of the boat. The content of the dinner (it was a raki trial, we had our guests taste raki and appetizers, and for dinner, beyti wrap kebab, barberry, mixed salad, and appetizers) attended by Oryantel, who was as good as a Turkish night, and we had fun and danced. Then we chatted and went to bed 😊

(October 25) 5th Day Wednesday: We arrived in Dalyan early in the morning on a 4-hour cruise. We did sports with our physiotherapist during the cruise. Then we took a break in Dalyan and took a Dalyan tour. To summarize the Dalyan tour, the local small boats of Dalyan picked us up from the boat, then we arrived in Dalyan by sea for 45 minutes through the reeds, we saw Caretta Caretta turtles on the way, then we went to Dalyan, which was built in the 4th century BC by the Lycians. We saw the rock tombs; the reed path is truly magnificent and worth seeing. Then we visited the mud bath and hot water pool, which tourists want to see very much. Then we came to Dalyan, where we shopped and had lunch with local Turkish cuisine, it was incredible. Then we returned to the Queen of Rtt boat with the small boat we took. We could not attend the 5 o’clock tea because we were tired and too full. ☹ Again, our physiotherapist applied manual therapy to our guests and treated their painful areas. Dinner was incredible. It consisted of tenderloin, salad and appetizers accompanied by mashed potatoes). After an enjoyable conversation, we slept.

Morning exercise with our physiotherapist - Functional fitness(October 26) Thursday, 6th Day: In the morning, we did sports again with the help of physiotherapy, then we had our chef’s wonderful breakfast. We went to Güngörmez Bay with a cruise of about 2 hours. The water here was quite cool, but the blue color was worth seeing. Our experienced captain, who was still a fisher in his youth, caught a few squid, while our physiotherapist did manual therapy. We went to Cleopatra Sunken Bath Bay with a 1-hour cruise and had lunch during the cruise. Lunch content (manti, chicken wings with spicy sweet sauce, salmon salad, stuffed peppers)

Hamam Bay, this bay was incredible, we did water sports here and enjoyed the sea and the sun. We took lots of photos. After 5 o’clock tea, we enjoyed a movie on Flybridge, and the movie was very gripping. It was enjoyable to eat fillet sea bass, Jumbo shrimp and the fresh calamari we caught for dinner. There were appetizers such as potato salad, hummus, arugula salad and mixed salad. Then we chatted and went to sleep. I can say that you feel sleepy early on the boat.

Fun time with Water sports on Queen of Rtt gulet(October 27) Friday, 7th Day: We did sports with our Physiotherapist during the morning cruise. After 1.5 hours of sailing, we came to Kucuk Aquarium Bay. We had breakfast here, so we were all determined to swim since it was our last day. After a little swimming break, we took a 1.5-hour drive to Yazz Collective. We arrived at the bay, it was incredibly hot, and we threw ourselves into the sea 😊 After the lunch content (our chef served the fish caught by our captain in a juicy form in the oven, it was extremely delicious, there was a cheese salad, spinach dish with olive oil, lentil rice with shrimps), we went to HillSide Fethiye Bay after a half-hour cruise. We were determined to use all the water sports in this bay and had a lot of fun with Ringo. And we were tired. Then, we docked at Fethiye Port with a cruise of approximately 2 hours. During that time, our guests who wanted to shop and buy souvenirs in Fethiye took a small city tour, and then had a friendly conversation with the participation of the boat owners at the wonderful dinner prepared by our Chief. (Dinner includes imam baydı, rice pilaf, cheese and green salads, boiled vegetables, şakshuka, yoghurt appetizers)

October 28 Saturday, 8th Day: Our guest had a transfer in the early hours of the morning, then we got up very early in the morning, had coffee and a nice conversation with our guests and we left the boat.

It was a pleasure for all of us to tour the beautiful bays of Turkey and introduce our cultures to our guests with such a wonderful team. We did not realize how one week passed, but the beautiful friendships and wonderful memories we made will remain as beautiful memories for us on Queen of Rtt gulet.

Our gratitude to all the brokers who came, Queen of Rtt gulet owner and his wonderful team.

Thanks for Queen of rtt gulet crew & Guests


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