Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

1 Week Sample Route

Here is the Marmaris- Fethiye- Marmaris 1 Week Sample Route plan; Our gulet will remain anchored in Marmaris Port for dinner and an overnight stay on the first day.

Marmaris is a port city and a popular vacation destination on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, situated in Muğla Province in the southwest. Marmaris is a wonderful place where, throughout the year, you can witness every shade and harmonies of blue and green. The features that make Marmaris a tourist haven is its long coastline, which is home to numerous bays; it is also a natural port; ancient cities; natural attractions; Blue Cruise amenities; a marina that can accommodate 800 boats; and water sports facilities.

One of Turkey’s top sailing destinations is Marmaris. a destination to see the most exquisite yachts. The environment is outlined by pinewoods, mountains, and an ultramarine blue sea. Along the town’s winding lanes are a variety of stores, cafes, and restaurants.


Ekincik is an unspoiled natural wonder, blessed with breathtaking beauty. It is uncrowded, pretty and tranquil with a nice little beach nearby. The coastal road there is gorgeous too and is a good base for boat trips and walking tours.

The 2 km long stretch of the unspoiled gravel beach meets a small harbor from which the boats depart to Dalyan.

Dalyan KaunasDalyan

Dalyan is a small town in Muğla province located between Fethiye and Marmaris.Top sights are Iztuzu beach, mud baths, ancient city Caunos. If you want more than relaxing under the sun, Dalyan is the best destination for you.

The 5-kilometer-long golden sand beach attracts tourists from all around the World, Iztuzu beach is the most important place for Caretta Caretta turtles.These lovely animals lay their eggs on Iztuzu beach between 1st May and 1st September. If you like turtles, you might like to visit Sea turtle Research, Rescue, and Rehabilitation Center as well.

Tersane Island

Tersane Island is the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye and is often also called Dockyard Island. Tersane Island was once Greek populated and was deserted back in 1923 with the agreed population swap between Turkey and Greece. Today you can still find the ruins of their abandoned homes scattered all over this picturesque island. The Ottoman Navy used the island as a dockyard during World War I, thus giving its name.

Here they built many ships and you can still see the only Seljuk-built shipyard remaining in Turkey. The island is surrounded by beautiful crystal-clear waters to take a dip in after your exploration.


South-east of the Manastir bay, in the ruins of a bath in the water because of the region is known as Cleopatra’s Bath, or Sunken Bath Bay.

A careful examination of the hill slope behind the bay, which has been active in the past, this hill is a crater lake of tectonic structure and reducing water channels, clearly visible from the shore.


At sunset, the sun hits the stones and turns crimson red in color, a color that resembles the island soil. The island got its name from this phenomenon. There is very little infrastructure on this island. The southern tip of the island has a lighthouse that guides maritime traffic.


Fethiye is a natural harbor city in the western Mediterranean. It’s a very popular holiday center with its magnificent natural beauty and ancient Lycian towns. Oludeniz considered the most beautiful beach in Turkey is nearby, and it is a popular place to start a yacht cruise. If all places and all seas were known by a color, Fethiye’s color would be turquoise.

The word turquoise, a blue that has more than a hint of green, comes from the blue used in the Turkish tile work. The most beautiful shade of the color blue came and settled on the waters of the Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea).

Towards evening, around sunset, you catch such wonderful turquoise you can never see on any other seas.

Fethiye TownGocek Island

With its covered bay, the harbor is tranquil and secure and used by many European travellers arriving from international waters.

Gocek coves and the 12 islands can be described as heavenly hidden areas, with clear blue waters, lush green forests, and outstanding beaches, making Gocek a must in terms of destination.

Yassica Islands

Yassica islands in the Gulf of Fethiye is one of the most romantic places, ideal for spending quality time with your partner and photographing gorgeous sunsets.

The islands are covered with pine and olive trees, have many sheltered and shallow bays and are ideal for water sports enthusiasts.


Kadirga lies on the west of the point. The entrance of the bay has no obstruction. There are sufficient depths.

There is a rock by the tip of the north. Kadirga Bay provides shelter from the breeze and blowing southerly winds. It is open to northerly and easterly blowing   winds.    Prevailing    wind sends light swell in. The depths gradually shelve ashore on the western part.    The    shore     hosts nice single beaches.

Turunc Bay

One of the must-see places is Turunç. This resort town admires you with its own scenery. The combination of the nice pebbly beach and refreshing crystal sea makes your day fantastic. Famous fresh fish restaurants and bars by the seaside cater for guests with high service standards.

Don’t forget to grab a drink and watch the sunset before leaving Turunç. 2 Km further away from Turunç, you will find the ancient city of Amos. Discover this historical place and have a swim in this beautiful bay.

Cennet Island

Commonly knowns as a Paradise Island has a pine forest by the hill slope and turquoise water. This island is actually Nimara peninsula which has Nimara cave. As this island is not far away from Marmaris, most of the visitors enjoy walking among the trekking paths to reach this beautiful island.

Cennet Island has some caves. The most famous one is Blue Cave which has aluminous blue color. The legend says if you throw a coin into the water in this cave, your wish will come true.

Marmaris- Fethiye- Marmaris 1 Week Sample Route plan

Marmaris- Fethiye- Marmaris 1 Week Sample Route plan

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