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1 Week Sample Route

Here is the Gocek- Gocek Islands – Gocek 1 Week Sample Route plan; on the first day Gocek is a natural harbour lying at the head of the Gulf of Fethiye on the Turquoise coast of Turkey, just 22km from Dalaman International Airport.

Protected by the wooded foothills of the Taurus Mountains, it looks out over the numerous islands and sheltered bays of this beautiful gulf. It is priceless to be away from the crowd, alone with one’s thoughts, communing with nature spending some time with friends, waves, and wind when you are sailing in Gocek Bays.

Gocek mostly caters for yachtsmen and women; consequently, there is very little nightlife in the town, apart from one or two very pleasant bars and a music/dance bar. As sailors generally wake early, sail during the day, and sleep early, the most active time in Gocek is between 19:00 and 22:00 hrs, during which time the many bars and restaurants are buzzing with clients. As is usual in most seaside towns there is a delightful esplanade along which you can see and be seen.


Yassica Island

Yassica island in the Gulf of Fethiye is one of the most romantic places, ideal for spending quality time with your partner and photographing gorgeous sunsets.

The islands are covered with pine and olive trees, have many sheltered and shallow bays and are ideal for water sports enthusiasts.


Fethiye is a natural harbor city in the western Mediterranean. It’s a very popular holiday center with its magnificent natural beauty and ancient Lycian towns. Oludeniz considered the most beautiful beach in Turkey is nearby, and it is a popular place to start a yacht cruise.

If all places and all seas were known by a color, Fethiye’s color would be turquoise. The word turquoise, a blue that has more than a hint of green, comes from the blue used in the Turkish tile work. The most beautiful shade of the color blue came and settled on the waters of the Oludeniz (Dead Sea). Towards evening, around sunset, you catch such wonderful turquoise you can never see on any other seas.


Oludeniz is described as Eden bestowed by God on Earth. No wonder then that it has earned a great reputation for tourism! Walk on the beach in the dark and behold the incomparable view that Oludeniz offers. Oludeniz is simply like magic!

Even the invisible bottom of the lagoon covered with white sand sparkling with the lights from the harbor is a scene to behold. Extending to the coast, the lush pine forest presents all shades of green, blue and purple that soothes the eye.

Kaya Koy

Kaya Koy is a very popular spot for divers of all abilities because of its clear water and the unforgettable underwater world.

Gemiler Island

Gemiler adası, commonly known as Saint Nicholas Island is located on the North side of Fethiye. A stay in Fethiye cannot be completed without visiting this beautiful island named after Santa Claus.

Today the island provides good anchoring for yachts. It is possible to swim, snorkel around the shore and visit the land where you can see ruins of five churches, ancient vaults, and tombs. This area is also available for water sports.


Ekincik is an unspoiled natural wonder, blessed with breathtaking beauty. It is uncrowded, pretty and tranquil with a nice little beach nearby. The coastal road there is gorgeous too and is a good base for boat trips and walking tours.

The 2 km long stretch of the unspoiled gravel beach meets a small harbor from which the boats depart to Dalyan. The scenery is stunning and there are many opportunities to observe the local wildlife.

Cleopatra Hamam, Gocek


Dalyan is a small town in Muğla province located between Fethiye and Marmaris.Top sights are Iztuzu beach, mud baths, ancient city Caunos. If you want more than relaxing under the sun, Dalyan is the best destination for you.

The 5-kilometer-long golden sand beach attracts tourists froms all around the world, Iztuzu beach is a most important place for Caretta Caretta turtles.These lovely animals lay their eggs on Iztuzu beach between 1st May and 1st September.

Aga Limani

Aga Limani (Harbour of Aga) is another fascinating bay of the Aegean Sea which has deep blue and clear water. This small and lovely bay offers you a peace and natural beauty which you will not find anywhere except Aga Limani. Such a rare beauty is an opportunity to meet the sea and to collect great memories.

Batik Hamam

This bay offers a magnificent underwater view where you can see a tropical underwater vista. There is a restaurant within each bay offering differing tastes and atmospheres. The quiet and calm nature of the bay makes it an ideal place for the sailors who are looking for a safe anchorage. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of this bay under the pine forest.

Hamam is the bay that no blue voyage yachts or daily tripper boats will pass without anchoring. The sailors like to spend their nights in this bay. There are several restaurants with wooden pergolas on the shore serving the yachts.

Sarsala Cove

Sarsala Bay is another bay preferred by sailors which is a natural bay ideal for swimming or spending the night in. It is an attractive bay with a long stony beach, a wooded valley that runs inland, surrounded by pine forestry mountain.

There is a restaurant and pontoon at the small Sarsala Bay where many yachts moor.

Domuz Island

Domuz (Boar) Island was a home to many wild boars in past time. It is a natural harbor which is protected from the wind, many boats anchor in high season. The bay has a stunning background view which is surrounded by lush pine trees.

There are rock tombs and ancient ruins at the end of the bay.


Tersane Island is the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye and is often also called Dockyard Island. Tersane Island was once Greek populated and was deserted back in 1923 with the agreed population swap between Turkey and Greece. Today you can still find the ruins of their abandoned homes scattered all over this picturesque island.

The island is surrounded by beautiful crystal-clear waters to take a dip in after your exploration.

Bedri Rahmi

Bedri Rahmi Bay is also known by the Lycian name of Tasyaka or ‘dark bay’, due to its natural beauty and historical significance. Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu was an esteemed master of Turkish literature, art, and painting. In the summer of 1973, during a cruise with close friends, he drew a fish on a huge rock.

This ‘Fish Rock’ located at the entrance of the blue bay still greets passengers. In fact, the region itself is known as ‘Fish Rock’ in honor    of    the    great    master.

Gocek – Gocek Islands - Gocek 1 Week Sample Route

Gocek – Gocek Islands – Gocek 1 Week Sample Route

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