Bodrum – Gulf of Gokova – Bodrum

1 Week Sample Route

Here is the Bodrum – Gulf of Gokova – Bodrum 1 Week Sample Route;

Bodrum is the ideal starting point for sailing the Aegean coast of Turkey. The Gokova Gulf is acknowledged to be one of the best cruising areas in Europe. With abundant sunshine, crystal clear waters, continuous blue skies, good anchorages and friendly people, this coast offers many diversities. There are many unspoiled areas rich in natural beauty and in costal settlements and villages.

Bodrum is a port city in Mugla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It is located on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula, at a point that checks the entry into the Gulf of Gokova. The Gokova Gulf is acknowledged to be one of the best cruising areas in Europe. With abundant sunshine, crystal clear waters, continuous blue skies, good anchorages and friendly people, this coast offers many diversities. There are many unspoiled areas rich in natural beauty and in coastal settlements and villages.

Bodrum Harbor

The city was called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Bodrum Castle, built by the Crusaders in the 15th century, overlooks the harbour and the marina. The castle grounds include a Museum of Underwater Archeology and host several cultural festivals throughout the year.

Orak Island

Orak Island is found in the Gulf of Gokova and only a very short distance from Bodrum. It is a very well-known diving spot in the area and you will find most day boats, as well as any gulet cruise, will always anchor down here for a swim. The island’s surrounds are described as like swimming in an aquarium, it is that beautiful.


Cokertme, sung in the native folk songs, is an important stopover before or after crossing the Gokova Gulf. Cokertme Bay, its name is rooted in the small town settled along its side. Cokertme Bay is positioned among Kepce Burnu and Kara Burun and is a guarded place for spending the night.

It is popular amongst the yachtsmen community because of the fact that it protects the boats against the wild winds, especially those blowing from the west-north and west-east directions. The Cokertme shoreline is long and spotted with a range of pine and olive trees. The place has many local restaurants providing delicious food to tourists at reasonable prices. Tourists can also enjoy outstanding belly dancing performances at night!

Seven Islands (Yedi Adalar)

Seven Islands is a series of islands that lay within Gokova Bay. This series of islands is in the province of Bodrum. The beautiful little outlets and areas in between the islands make for an idyllic setting to anchor down and explore.

You may choose to just go for a swim or snorkel along the shores or take your walking shoes with you to go for a wander on the islands. One of the islands known as Kufre, is well worth swimming over to and wandering along its pine-clad shores to look for the hidden houses within the forest. No matter where you anchor around this little outlet you will not be disappointed.


Kufre Koyu is situated on the NE of Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands). The bay is surrounded by pine forest, and it ends by a stream and marshy shallowness. Kufre Koyu affords all- around shelter.

Uzun Liman

Uzun Liman is on the southern shore of the Gulf of Gokova in front of the four islands covered with lush pine forests that spread across miles along the shore and between the two, a natural gulf is created. Other islands that include Long Island are Olive Island and the Small Islands. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy a nice trail in the cove areas.


Tuzla is a wonderful bay very close to Gokova Oren Marina with crystal clear waters beside that it is a charming fisherman’s village and is well known for its restaurants of specialty fresh sea dishes.

Best Bodrum Bays


Longoz has the most beautiful bays in the Gulf of Gokova. They descend from the steep hills and seem to roll down into the sea with the exception of a long row of trees that separates its contour from the waters. Here you can enjoy nature at its best!


This very attractive and sheltered little bay (also known as British Harbour) is tucked away on the southern shore at the east end of the Gulf of Gokova. It has become a place to over-winter now that a small marina has been established here.

Cleopatra Island

Cleopatra Island (Sedir Island-Cedrae) is located around 18 km north of Marmaris. Cleopatra Island is also known as Sedir Island or City Island and is famous for its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae. The remnants of the city walls can be seen on this island.

It is also famous for its ancient theatre ruins. There is an interesting beach on the small bay, north-west of the island. If folklore is to be believed, Cleopatra and Antonius swam here and the sand was brought by the ships from North Africa! It is also believed that this type of sand can only be seen in Egypt.


Kargili Bay is 3 km away from the center of Datca. As this bay is surrounded by mountains and closed to north winds, the weather is always fine and the sea is as calm as a millpond.

Kise Buku

Located only 3 miles away from Orak Island is Kise Buku, a name originating from the word ‘ Kilise’ ( Church) due to the remains of the Byzantine Monasteries found in this area. It is indispensable for all boats to anchor here at a very large cove. This bay is surrounded by mountains in the north, and western winds blow in the eastern side of the island against.

At Alakisla, you will encounter the ruins of an old monastery by the name of kise bay. Kise’s name is also believed to originate from the word ‘ church’.


Located 6 miles from Bodrum and resembling the shape of a nose is Pabucburnu, suitable for boats to dock. The unique shape covered with shrubs, the emerald-colored waters and a string of pool-like boat shelters with calm water are the hallmarks of Pabuc Burnu.


Yaliciftlik is a small village located near the popular resort town of Bodrum, Turkey. It is just outside the Bodrum Peninsula along the Aegean Sea above a series of secluded coves, and it’s at the entrance to the Gulf of Gokova.

The beaches in Yaliciftlik are perfect for sunbathing or swimming, and you’ll also find several restaurants and cafes serving fresh, local seafood and traditional Turkish food near the beach. You can also go hiking in the nearby forest and explore ruins in the hills from the ancient Legegian and Carian civilizations.

Bodrum – Gulf of Gokova - Bodrum 1 Week Sample Route

Bodrum – Gulf of Gokova – Bodrum 1 Week Sample Route

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