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Why should a Gulet be preferred on a Blue Cruise?

Gulet is a type of boat found only along Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean shores. These gulet types, which have been built in our country’s shipyards for generations, are mostly made from trees cultivated in our country. For years, skilled and professional masters have created Gulets. It has now reached its ideal shape because of evolving technology and demands. Gulet manufacturing takes place in several places of Turkey with coastlines.

There are also Gulets made to the people’s preferences and requests, in addition to the traditional Gulets. Gulets are made of wood, even though the materials used to make them vary. It gives me peace of mind to see our traditional Gulets on our country’s lovely blue walls! Gulets offer roomy staterooms, huge aft decks, and large sitting places in addition to attractive interior design.

Bozburun Shipyard

Bozburun Shipyard

Gulets with an average length of 15 to 35 meters may be quite technologically advanced and active vehicles, and they appeal to a wide range of individuals with gulet options ranging from at least four to twelve cabins for six to 24 people. Gulets have now progressed to the point where they can properly suit the demands of individuals who go on a Blue Voyage for at least one week. According to the preferences of the visitors, the equipment of the boats, and the budget, Gulets are split into four categories: economic Gulets, standard Gulets, luxury Gulets, and deluxe Gulets, and they may give a service comparable to a 5-star hotel.

Why choose gulet on Blue Cruise?

Turkey has an ideal topography, being bordered on three sides by sea, with Aegean and Mediterranean ports being the most popular, with a deep blue sky and turquoise waters meeting among trees. The views are spectacular. Turkey’s food is diverse and healthy. When all these factors are considered, Turkey becomes a vacation heaven. With the blue cruise, you can open the gates to heaven.

one of the 11 cabins gulet Caferoglu 7

one of the 11 cabins gulet Caferoglu 7

For a fantastic vacation, it’s important to choose the ideal yacht and to consider your preferences. A blue journey trip will allow you to see the hidden beauty and history of remote bays. Choosing a gulet is the best option in this case; we provide them with comfort and a trendy appearance. For a fantastic vacation, it’s important to choose the ideal yacht and to consider your preferences.

Presnses Esila Gulet

Presnses Esila Gulet

A blue journey trip will allow you to see the hidden beauty and history of remote bays. As a result, purchasing a gulet is the best option; we provide it to customers who want comfort and a trendy appearance. Furthermore, with its experienced and welcoming performer cabin crew, an incredible blue trip chance awaits you. The crew members will be available for you as you spend your time as you like.

Our portfolio of the most magnificent boats, as well as our knowledgeable crew, are eager to meet you all. All you must do now is pick from a variety of Turkish-made wooden boats and plot a course! With an early reservation, you might get a discount of up to 30%.

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