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What to expect from Turkish cuisine on a gulet charter

One of the best cuisines in the Mediterranean is Turkish, and when you hire a private gulet, you may indulge in the delectable dishes. You can get mezes, hot meatballs with mixed herbs, and various soups in the eastern region of Turkey. Also, there are packed pastries and breads, kebabs, fish meals, wholesome vegetable salads, and meat entrees in Turkish cuisine. Here is a list of foods that you can eat while relaxing on a blue cruise in Turkey.

Turkish Breakfast on a Gulet Cruise

Turkish Breakfast on a Gulet Cruise

Turkish cuisine is known for its variety of kebabs, which are produced by grilling chicken or beef cutlets and skewering them with veggies or even fruits. A filling and nutritious dish with a distinct Mediterranean flavor is eggplant salad. Lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, yogurt, tomatoes, and bell peppers are all ingredients in this eggplant salad. This salad’s local origins make it even more thrilling to eat because it uses local products. In Turkey, numerous salads, mezes, breads, and meats are served with a delightful cucumber and yogurt dip.

Turkish food is wholesome and contains European and Asian influences. A decent Mediterranean dinner includes yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lamb dishes that are both filling and delectable. Turkish food, which has its own distinct menus on each cruise, combines the country’s many gastronomic influences.

Dinner from S Nur Taylan Gulet

Dinner from S Nur Taylan Gulet

The benefit of Turkish food is that you can sample both European and Middle Eastern influences when on a gulet charter vacation. This is because the country is a fusion of those cultures due to geographical and religious influences. Also, you could be motivated to prepare traditional Turkish foods once you get back home. It is a clever idea to share pictures on social media so that people thinking about booking a gulet charter can see all of the delicious food that is served throughout the cruise. You can sample some of the local street cuisine from the nearby carts if you are on land and out shopping.


Baklava is a pastry filled with honey, nuts, or almonds and is a delectable dessert. The pastry for this dish is buttery, light, and flaky. Do not forget to request supplies from your agency for the cruise.

Types of Menus

Turkish cuisine on a gulet Charter, It should be remembered that based on the menu type chosen during the charter, the presentations made by the chefs on the boats, as well as the fish, vegetables, and other seasonal dishes, may differ. The typical cuisine, which frequently includes chicken, pasta, a fish dish, and a variety of vegetables, is available on many gulet yachts. A deluxe menu would feature a variety of vegetables, fruits, and additional fish dinners that were enhanced with seafood and meat dishes.

Inquire about the featured menus and the dishes that will be on those menus while choosing the gulet cruises. You can select the menu that is best for your party during your charter vacation from the following options: Economy, Standard, Deluxe, or Half board. You can even alter these menus internally if you want to, and you can make requests.

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