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Gulet charter in Turkey’s southern areas, specifically on the Aegean and Mediterranean ports, varies according to the restrictions set by each agency, and this includes menus. The cuisines are mostly Turkish, with a little Aegean and Mediterranean thrown in the mix. There really are, of course, notable chefs who adapt to international culture and current world preferences. But they all have one thing in common: they are well-versed in Turkish cuisine and are successful in this field.

Although costs fluctuate, normal meal prices in 2022 range between 50-80 € per person.

But don’t be worried! This price covers not just food, but also all the necessary equipment for your blue gulet cruise. For example, it covers the entire bathroom, kitchen, and kitchenware from head to toe.

In fact, not everyone wants to eat the same dish, and some visitors may prefer the items chosen. We can perform food shopping for our visitors who have food allergies, such as gluten-free, dairy products, and hazelnuts. We are extremely sensitive to even the little discomfort.

Presnses Esila Gulet

Presnses Esila Gulet

Mirya Yachting ensures that our visitors have a safe and enjoyable vacation while on board. As a result, food shopping is important not just for sustenance, but also for a pleasant boat voyage. Depending on the agency, beverage packages are also offered in Gulets, with alcohol and non-alcoholic options. At the same time, our agency disseminates information on previously established example menu kinds. Our primary objective is for our visitors to be happy, thus we build acceptable customer interactions in accordance with our mission and vision.

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