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Things to do in Rhodes While on Gulet Charter

This beautiful Greek island  is a spectacular sight right next to Turkey. The largest of the 12 Islands, Rhodes, may be reached by catamarans leaving from Fethiye and Marmaris as well as by privately chartered gulet or motor yacht during your Blue Cruise. From Marmaris, the trip takes around 45 minutes, and from Fethiye, it takes about 90 minutes. In the summer, daily scheduled trips are also offered. Both domestic and international visitors swarm to the island of Rhodes, especially during the holiday seasons.

Histories of Rhodes Island

Let’s discuss about the history of this location before providing you with the specifics of the  travel guide.
The importance of Rhodes Island in the Mediterranean dates to ancient times. Even before Christ, Rhodes Island has been a very important city and has hosted many civilizations.

In fact, the reputation of the Statue of Rhodes, which is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, has surrounded the whole world. Although the famous Rhodes statue was destroyed due to the earthquake, continued to host new civilizations and hosted many artifacts. The fame of the island comes from the Knights of Rhodes (Saint Jean). These knights also built the most important works of the island and made the island inhabited.

Kaptan Mehmet Buğra Gulet

Kaptan Mehmet Buğra Gulet is available for Rhodos

After the 1st Crusade to Jerusalem, the knights escaped from Jerusalem and first took refuge in the island of Cyprus. Then they bought the island of Rhodes. The island was used as an important base in other crusades and became an important military zone. When the Ottoman Empire grew and became stronger, it realized how valuable the geopolitical position of the island was. During the reign of Mehmet, the Conqueror, the Ottoman Empire made two expeditions to the island, but they were unsuccessful.

The conquest was postponed until the Kanuni Sultan Suleyman period. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent first had a castle built in Marmaris, and then conquered Rhodes via Marmaris.

Marmaris Port

Marmaris Port

After Suleyman the Magnificent conquered the island, Rhodes Island remained under Ottoman control for about 400 years and many Ottoman works were built. It is still possible to see these traces today. The island has mosques and even a mufti. The island passed into the hands of Italy in 1912 after the Ottoman Empire and was left to Greece in 1947 and is still under Greece. We think it would be better to know a little of its history before starting the list of places to visit in there.

Rhodes Attractions

There are countless places to visit in Rhodes, which is very rich in terms of both cultural and natural beauty. You will witness dozens of beauties here.

Now, let us tell you one by one where to visit and what to see. Let’s give a little list first, though.

  • Old Town
  • Rhodes Acropolis
  • Palace of the Masters
  • Knights Street
  • Aquarium
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Seven Springs
  • Hippocrates Square
  • Castle
  • Filerimos Monastery

Besides, It is a beach paradise. The color of the sea is different in one bay and another in the other. Dozens of shades of blue you will see will turn your head. The most beautiful  Beaches are as follows:

  • Tsambika Beach
  • St. Paul Beach
  • Kallithea Beach
  • Elli Beach
  • Faliraki Beach
  • Anthony Quinn Beach
  • Ladiko Beach
  • Lindos Beach
  • Ixia

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