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Oryantiring Organization in Marmaris

The movement to tourism resorts began with the warming of the weather, and the most popular domestic and international tourist destinations continue to receive visitors. The weather has improved, and different groups have begun to operate. The Turkish Oryantiring Federation’s 3rd Tier Competition in Marmaris began with over a thousand participants. The speed race took place on the first day of the events organized by the Mugla Governorate and the Metropolitan Municipality in the Icmeler District of Marmaris.

Finish Line - Oryantiring Organization in Marmaris

Finish Line – Oryantiring Organization in Marmaris

The races were held in perfect weather and environment, according to Fatih Uygun, Chairman of the Turkish Oryantiring Federation’s Organization Board. Athletes compete in the peculiar environment of Marmaris, according to him.



The competition, which began in Icmeler, was well-attended, with athletes from all around Turkey participating. Athletes from all over the world competed in 30 different categories, ranging from 16 to 60 years old, and arrived at Icmeler’s distinctive beach.” The tournament will continue with speed races before concluding on April 3 with the Knockout Test Race at Akyaka, the Ula district’s “quiet city.” Let’s take a closer look at oryantiring.

Oryantaring Torch

Oryantaring Torch

Oryantiring (navigation) is a time-trial sport that entails using a map to discover directions. Even though it may be done in a variety of terrain situations,

it is usually done on forest land. In most countries, it is organized into federations and follows a set of regulations.

The guidelines are straightforward yet difficult to follow. Oryantiring is a sport in which participants attempt to achieve the points marked on a map of the competition area supplied to them in the quickest time feasible. Orange-white flags mark checkpoints. By pressing the punch next to the flag and holding the chips in their hands, competitors demonstrate that they have arrived at the checkpoint. An electronic method is also utilized instead of the punch and control card in some tournaments. Map, compass, bracelet, clothes, and shoes are the vehicles.

Although there are many other varieties of orienteering in Marmaris, the running type is the most popular. Mountain biking, skiing, trail running, night oryantiring, and other activities are examples.

After it was held in Marmaris, the oryantiring sport was also wondered, researched, and appreciated by the local people.

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