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Legendary Kizkumu in Orhaniye Turkey: A Magnificent Blue Cruise Anchorage Place

Did you know you can walk on water? Oh, you can do it in Kizkumu! When you embark on a blue cruise vacation from Marmaris harbor and plan your route to see the islands and towns in this region of the Aegean, there is a special site in the peaceful village of Orhaniye.

Turkey’s Orhaniye, Home to Famous Kizkumu, Is a Gorgeous Port for Blue Cruises

You will see the vacationers walking on the sea in front of you as you pass the Orhaniye marina. The daughter of King Bybassos allegedly fell in love with a destitute fisherman. The king does not, however, grant the fisher his daughter. The daughter of the king meets her fisher’s boyfriend in secret. The angler is coming from the water, your daughter is waiting for him on the beach, and he is indicating to his location with the light, according to someone who claimed that his daughter met the fisherman. The boy too understands something clearly at last, and until dawn your daughter and the boy play passionately together. He communicates to the king verbally.


After hearing this, the king becomes furious and does not want to see his daughter fall in love with a fisher. The monarch instructed his men to use a light to alert the fisher after spotting his daughter on the beach one evening. The young man hopped into his boat and began rowing towards the beach as soon as he understood something clearly at last. The girl then managed to get away from the troops and began to run to save her sweetheart. But her lover was unable to get to his boat. The minute she dove into the ocean, a miracle occurred: the soldiers pursuing her were swallowed up by the sea, and everything she touched turned to sand.

As the two lovers were going to meet, the girl raced to the boat, but an archer waived his arrow as he was aiming at the boy.

The girl was embracing the boy when the arrow arrived. When the blood and water combined, the sand that was exposed where the girl stepped turned red. The young man went with his hurt lover in tow. They were never seen or heard from again.

You can go on land while you can walk on the sea and take special excursions to Orhaniye village if you are looking for something interesting to add to your Turkey gulet charter itinerary. Take a refreshing break at Kizkumu beach in Orhaniye and do not forget to bring your camera – otherwise no one will believe you when you say you’re walking across the water. You can purchase homemade goods or sample local specialties!

Please get in touch with experienced Mirya Yachting team, if you want to include Kizkumu in the destinations for Marmaris gulet charter and add it your blue cruise.

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