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With Covid-19, although the concerns about yacht charter tourism have increased after the start of the pandemic, nowadays, holidaymakers do not cancel their plans and turn their rotation to Turkey. This year, charter has a lot of concentration and demand. With its rising and developing tourism every year, Turkey will be one of the most popular holiday locations for travelers this year. One of the most important reasons for this is that, in comparison to other nations, Turkey is more suited in terms of location and pricing. A holiday service in Turkey also provides vacation options not only in Turkish seas or territory, but also in the surrounding Greek Islands and many other nations.

Turkey means more natural bays, more islands to visit, more luxury boats, turquoise sea without ocean, excellent service, and more inexpensive yacht costs for yacht vacationers. As a result, Turkey’s yacht charter tourism is more appealing than that of other nations.

Turkey’s shipyards are well-known across the globe for building wooden boats and steel yachts, and they play a significant role in exports and imports. The world’s greatest Gulets and yachts are built by special experts schooled in Turkey’s traditional wooden boat construction. This is something that trade schools and colleges can help with. Even though this is passed down for generations, Turkey’s originality in this sector is highly valued. While each shipyard has its unique construction design, the comfort and quality of the boats differs significantly. Of course, a person’s budget and personal preferences play a significant role in this situation.

Prenses Bugce Gulet

Prenses Bugce Gulet

Luxury boat charter cruises are only possible between April and November because of water and climate conditions. For an extended period, this delivers significant benefits to boats. The main reason is that a trip in Turkey throughout all four seasons is possible! Turkey does, in fact, have 4 seasons terms of its geographical position.

Most boats have different rental rates depending on the month. This makes a major impact when it comes to boat reservations. For this extended leasing duration, this develops customer opportunity.

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