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Is air conditioning a requirement for Turkish gulet Charter?

What week you desire for blue cruise in Turkey is entirely relevant to this subject. As gulets are typically chartered on a weekly basis, we advise choosing air-conditioned gulets during the months we refer to as peak season because Turkey is a hot country in the summer.

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Master Cabin

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Master Cabin

The Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey are quite hot, yet the answer to this question varies depending on the day you want to go out. You might have observed that while comparing the many gulet charter options in Turkey, some gulet boats list having air conditioning while others do not. That raises the question of whether air conditioning is required for gullet charter in Turkey as it does not seem to be a common amenity. Yes and no are the responses to the query. The time of year you choose for your charter and any unique requirements you have will both have a significant impact.

Which months are the hottest?

The peak gulet charter months, July, and August, also happen to be the hottest months. The Aegean air can become hot during this time. Even though some of the finest rates are available, many guests decide not to reserve a boat during this period due to their concern about being too hot. While you might assume that all boat charters would have air conditioning throughout this month if they wanted to attract customers, some do and some do not. There is a rationale for this.

When you are on board, how is the A/C powered?

It is crucial to keep in mind that if your boat has air conditioning, it does not necessarily mean that it runs constantly while you are on board. A generator is necessary since air conditioners need electricity. Although some Turkish gulets have air conditioning, they also have generators. The size of the generator and the volume of fuel a gulet can hold are both limited. Most captains turn on the air conditioning in the evening to ensure that their guests can sleep comfortably.

In a week at sea, the typical Gulet yacht can run its air conditioner for 28 to 84 hours. This means from 4 hours to 12 hours a day.

Depending on how frequently you plan to park your boat in isolated harbors. It is not advised to turn on the air conditioning to avoid disturbing any yacht neighbors. Also, since the generator creates a lot of noise, air conditioning is not permitted if the boat is docked.

Most Recommended Air Conditioned Gulets

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Gulet


A/C 12 Hours / Day

34 m  & 8 Cabin Gulet
Starting Price: €3.750 / Day

Prenses Esila Gulet


A/C 12 Hours / Day

32 m  & 6 Cabin Gulet
Starting Price: €2.000 / Day

Prenses Bugce Gulet


A/C 12 Hours / Day

32 m  & 6 Cabin Gulet
Starting Price: €2.000 / Day



A/C 6 Hours / Day

21 m  & 5 Cabin Gulet
Starting Price: €1.500 / Day

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