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Is a Blue Cruise Vacation right for you

Is a blue cruise in your future? We have compelling motives for doing so. Primarily, the Aegean and Mediterranean are unquestionably the birthplace of the blue cruise. They both offer it all: peacefulness, beautiful locations, diverse cuisines, and a fusion of Turkish and Greek culture. Who would not want to be able to feel these two fusions in their soul?

Serenad Gulet

Serenad Gulet

Everyone should go on a gulet cruise at least once in their lives to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is what most individuals do daily. So far, everything is in order, but is a blue cruise holiday exclusively for a select few? Perhaps it’s just a common blunder? We all believe that gulet voyages are just for the wealthy or high-income, and many people believe that gulet cruises are solely for city inhabitants. On one hand, this is correct; nevertheless, there are many various sorts of Gulets, and there are Gulets for any budget.

You may think of gulets as hotels at this stage; there are hotels that vary in price according on their stars, or features, and gulets or motorboats that vary in price depending on their characteristics. There will be an alternative for you to evaluate if you look for options that meet your budget or follow current bargains. The cost of a blue cruise is determined on the type of gulet. Turkey has many different fleets. And remember, you do not pay for sights, bays, coves, or beautiful islands.

The Blue Sea Gulet for 12 guests

The Blue Sea Gulet for 12 guests

Also, it is not as tough as staying at a hotel, so you won’t be surprised by room service or minibar charges. For you and your family members, all meals will be freshly cooked. For each meal, you may rest assured that only the freshest ingredients will be used. A cruise is by far the greatest way to view the entire region when compared to all other possibilities.

Get on board one of the elegant gulets that meet your budget and begin cruising for a week or longer around the glittering Aegean or Mediterranean coastlines. If you are going on your first cruise, book it for a week; that is what most people do. After then, it will be as if you’ve fallen in love, and you’ll come. Keep in mind that finding a gulet during the hot season will be tough. If you are looking for a decent price, skip the months of June and August.

Prenses Bugce Gulet

Prenses Bugce Gulet

From this perspective, the blue trip is a traveler-friendly location. The next step would be to contact Mirya Yachting if we agree. After that, you will be well on your way to your ideal holiday.

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