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Gulets for Charter in the Mediterranean

One of the world’s largest maritime areas is the Mediterranean. As a result, each of the nations that border the Mediterranean Sea has a diverse culture. Families, parties of friends, and couples seeking charter boats in the Mediterranean can choose from a variety of traditional Turkish gulets to explore these stunning blue seas all the way down to Crete, the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean.

Why not travel from the charming city of Marmaris, which is located on the boundary between the two seas, to the various islands found in the Dodecanese and Cretian island groups of Greece, as well as a few exquisite smaller islands in Turkish waters, for fun-filled Mediterranean island-hopping vacations? It is really good idea for starting blue cruise from Marmaris gulet charter.



Get ready to discover an inspiring and varied mixture of culture, historical architecture, and ruins from earlier civilizations, such the Romans, Carians, and Lycians, to mention a few, when you travel to the Mediterranean. In the picturesque village of Dalyan, one of history’s most famous artifacts is hidden within the rocks. The Caunos Rock Tombs are a historical treasure. The Dalyan River, once known as the Calbys River, served as Caria and Lycia’s boundary and was a significant seaport. The main attraction in Dalyan is a group of six rock tombs from the 4th to the 2nd century BC.

How to Board a Turkish Charter Gulet and Travel to Caunos

Your Turkey gulet tour moors in Ekincik Bay on the way to Caunos, an old city. A lovely location with little gulet traffic during the off-season (April, the first half of May, and late October). Your skipper puts a call to any of the piyade, or small local riverboats, and they arrive and take you up from your gulet. You can reach the trail that leads to the entrance of old Caunos from there after a journey that takes between 1&2 hours.

You must continue walking for another ten minutes after leaving this archeological site before your “piyade” reaches you. From there, a longer journey up the river offers a distant glimpse of the Lycian King Rock Tombs. Since it is deemed unsafe, taking tourists to the graves is not authorized on the tour.

Gulets for Charter in the Mediterranean

Gulets for Charter in the Mediterranean

While getting to know the region, culture, and food, spending lazy days lazing around on your private boat holiday or strolling through the local towns where you have anchored can add to the enjoyment. This is undoubtedly a completely different world, especially in comparison to urban life.

With cobblestone streets that lead to the seaside and eateries and adorable little cafes perched on the edge of a wooden pier, it exudes an innocent feel. Chartering a gulet Mediterranean style in Turkey is a treasure trove of memories waiting to be experienced, from the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean close to Antalya all the way to the border where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean in Marmaris and further south to the island of Crete and the islands along the way.

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