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First of all, we must mention that we are aware that you have several queries regarding your boat vacation. Food aboard the boat is surely one of these concerns! It brings individuals who want to wander in the uniquely gorgeous bays on a boat vacation. It allows you to absorb yourself in history, nature, the sea, and the sun. Delicious foods particularly made for you by our professional chefs with gastronomic knowledge will arrive at your table while you are on this memorable tour. You will be pleased with the performances that will appeal to both your stomach and your eyes.

Presnses Esila Gulet

Fresh Sea Food on Presnses Esila Gulet

Without a question, we all like eating. We make incredibly careful decisions in terms of taste and presentation to wait a long and deliver the finest to our guests. We make every effort to deliver the finest service possible. We realize that the stomach is the best method to make this fantastic holiday unforgettable. The sea is both exhausting and enticing. While admiring the wonders of nature from the comfort and safety of your boat, the tables made according to your wants and desires by the team in charge of the cuisine will brighten your meals and bring enjoyment to your calm.

With its geographical position and climate, Turkey is a stunning nation. Most of our country’s cuisines have a culture, which has been mingled with our own and passed down flavors from generation to the next generation. Our gourmet ideals, which combine Middle Eastern and European influences, are loved, and emulated across the world. Our chefs are adaptable. They provide a wide range of items, including kebabs, meat meals, fresh seafood, salads, and appetizers. You may have menus customized according to your preferences, including desserts, olive oil foods, and vegetarian options. Some of our chefs are even world-renowned chefs. Blue cruise trips make our visitors pleased in every manner when this is the case, and their returns are incredibly efficient.

There are prepared meals and menu lists available. We can even make a vegetarian or vegan cuisine for our guests. If you have any food sensitivities, please let us or the kitchen chef know ahead of time. The kitchen crew takes great care in preparing the meals for you in a sterile and clean manner. You have the option of drinking alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages. The experienced chef and service crew cook delectable meals with fresh ingredients sourced from the shadows of your journey.


Prenses Bugce Gulet

Prenses Bugce Gulet

All you must do now is relax and savor these delectable and unique tastes in the beautiful bays of blue and green.

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