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Activities to Do on a Blue Cruise

There are many activities you can do on a gulet that you can charter on a weekly basis. Blue cruise is a form of holiday away from the noise of the city, stress, and crowds. You and your loved ones can do it with gulet in the unique bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean. You can get rid of the stress of the year. There are gulets equipped with each other. Gulets differ depending on the cabins, length, or the possibilities. Your blue cruise will be equipped with a luxury gulet. Moreover, you will get an advantage if you plan your vacation a year ahead of time.

Kaptan Mehmet Buğra Gulet

Kaptan Mehmet Buğra Gulet

You can swim whenever and wherever you want on the blue cruise. Let’s look at the activities you can do besides swimming.

  • Play Games

Many boats have games such as okey and backgammon. In addition, you can play games such as Uno, Taboo, or chess with your friends. Some of our boats have a lot of them. It is possible to have a wonderful time with games played on the Internet. Moreover, in this process, you will not need to delve into subtle thoughts such as not making noise and disturbing the people around you.

  • Best Sunrise and Sunset

One of the most entertaining activities is watching the sunrise and sunset. Due to the intensity of city life, we miss the beautiful landscapes we witness every day. During the blue voyage, you will not want to sleep too much with the peace of being away from the stress and crowd, and we are sure that watching the sunrise and sunset will give you a different feeling of pleasure. In the meantime, read your book, enjoy the moment with your loved ones, or watch the view…

The most preferred things during the blue cruise are water sports. You can also try various water sports such as diving, canoeing, and surfing. You can enjoy fishing in the middle of the open sea with simple fishing gear on all boats. You can dive, explore the submarine. You can experience the fun at the highest level with jet ski, ringo, banana.


Paddle Board on Prenses Esila Gulet

Paddle Board on Prenses Esila Gulet

  • Take pictures

One of the most common activities we do today is taking pictures. In our age, we want to immortalize and share that moment, let alone enjoying the moment. During the blue voyage, you will have time to both enjoy the moment and capture wonderful shots. For example, it is possible to fit the sunrise or sunset in the same frame with the blue of the sea and create a wonderful photo, or when you dive, you can capture beautiful shots that will entice those who see it with fish.

  • Explore unfamiliar places

Since you do not have to complete the boat tour in a brief time, like one day, you can enjoy the bays visited, or you can go to the shore and go for nature walks. It is possible to see many historical and natural structures in the bays where your boat docks.

Batık Hamam Bay, Gocek

Batık Hamam Bay, Gocek

  • Lot of Fun

If you are tired of a quiet holiday, you can have fun with your own playlists. You can sing and dance with your friends or family. Moreover, since there is no stranger, there will never be an environment where you will be afraid or want to control your movements.

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