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4 Tips to Stay Fit During Your Gulet Charter Vacation

Strengthen your muscles, unwind in the sauna, indulge in a meal made with the purest and most recent produce, all while savoring fine dining and discovering new locations. Get motivated by our advice for a wonderful and healthy gulet charter. Wellness is also attainable on a luxury gulet charter.

  • Amenities

On a charter gulet or at a beachside, you’ll discover everything you’re accustomed to in your personal workout program. Although you may expect the best equipment, space may occasionally be limited depending on the size of the boat. Ask your charter agent what equipment is available.

On gulets, it can be challenging to obtain equipment, but there are plenty of possibilities for cardiac exercises.

  • Crew

The modern gulet crew are very skilled, so you may even have an experienced personal trainer on board your gulet who will work with you to stay fit, slim down and get your wellness fix. Mirya Yachting is an Agency that can do many things when requested.

We even have packages for teachers with yoga gulet charter in Turkey or pilates experience or for groups who want to experience it. You can even do Zumba exercises with booming music! If you have an extra cabin on board, you may want to bring your own instructor to tailor your fitness program or plan a one-week regimen. Check with your charter agent for details on the various crew capabilities and specialists available for hire.

crew on gulet charter Arabella

crew on gulet charter Arabella

A good boat holiday is possible with a successful crew. We are lucky to have teammates who have been carefully selected and dedicated to this job and who fully meet the needs of our guests 😊 The feedback of our guests is our biggest source of inspiration.

  • Local Dishes

Since most of them have accommodated some unusual charter guest requests, the word “creative” should be used to describe the chefs on a luxury gulet charter. Do you require a diet free of dairy or gluten? Happy guests enjoying vegan and alkaline-friendly food…

The tastiest dishes from Anatolia are combined in Turkish cuisine, which is a culinary tradition. Our cooks are experts in various international cuisines in addition to Turkish cuisine. Additionally, the summer is the time of year in Turkey when all fruits and vegetables are at their freshest.

Healthy Dishes on Board

Healthy Dishes on Board

Raise your hands if you enjoy cuisines from the Far East. If so, you should sample the salmon sushi made by our chefs! You can stay fit by eating plenty of protein, enough carbohydrates and plenty of greens. Just inform your rental agent on the preference page and enjoy gourmet diet meals.

  • Water Sports

Even though the gulet has a wellness center, keep in mind that you are swimming in Mother Nature’s gym. Swimming every day is a total-body workout that may strengthen your arms and back while also burning calories, whether you’re snorkeling or diving. Your heart and metabolism will benefit from swimming.

Paddle Board on Prenses Esila Gulet

Paddle Board on Prenses Esila Gulet

Then there are the water toys that come with gulet cruises, including upright paddle boards, which are excellent for building upper body strength and balance. Or, for equally beneficial activity, you might get a more durable kayak and explore a lovely anchorage. Your crew will keep an eye on you and make sure you receive encouragement and bottled water on a frequent basis. Here 4 tips to stay fit during your gulet charter vacation in Turkey..

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